Message from Mr. Bathaei, Minister of Education, to the participants, supervisors, and those holding the 2018 International Biology Olympiad in Iran:

          In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

I welcome your presence in the gorgeous land of Iran with a rich history and civilization going back to several thousand of years, a land that has provided the world with scientists and scholars like Avicenna, Khayyam, al-Farabius, al-Biruni, and al-Razi. 

In the Ministry of Education, and during your upcoming short stay in Iran for a fair scientific competition, it would be a pleasure to me and my colleagues to take advantage of the event and acquaint you with certain aspects of the rich culture and civilization of Islamic Iran, and other aspects towards deepening of peace and friendship among the educated young people of the world in addition to the existing scientific and cultural exchanges. 

It is hoped that you, as well as scientists visiting Iran, will leave Iran with happy and unforgettable memories, while looking forward to witness greater success and achievement for you in other international scientific circles. 

No doubt, the future will belong to the young thinkers who open up unknown vistas of science to the world, relying on their untiring efforts and making use of the elite all over the world. 

Seyed Mohammad Bathaei 
Minister of Education