Dr. Saman Hosseinkhani , Head of the Scientific Committee of International Biology Olympiad:

The Concept of Organizing the International Biology Olympiad is very valuable achievement.

The concept of organizing the International Biology Olympiad is very valuable achievement .According to the report of 29th International Biology Olympiad news agency, this was announced by Dr. Saman Hosseinkhani , chairman of the Scientific Committee of the World Olympiad in the field of biology and added: The countries participating in this Olympiad are more than previous years  and so far student’s teams from 70 countries have been enrolled for participation in the 29th International Biology Olympiad in Iran.

He noted that the process of designing and compiling questions in various theoretical and practical sections that began in the summer of 2017 is in the final stages of preparation.

Dr. Hosseinkhani noted: The theoretical part of the Olympiad consists of 100 questions prepared and a set of questions is translated into the languages of the participating countries in the system that is active at the time of the Olympiad.

The head of the Olympiad Scientific Committee stated: Each group participates in the exam will answer 25 theoretical and 1 practical questions. Practical test will be held in one day and 4 times, each one is 1.5 hours and the theoretical part will be held in 2 parts, each one is 3.5 hours.

He noted that, we are loading questions of theoretical and practical sections.   Also, arrangements have been made to equip the hall and workshops of test venue and hardware and software facilities are being supplied and installed according to the plan.