The structure of the committees and executive workgroups of 29th International Biology Olympiad, which will be held 24th July in Tehran, was announced. According to the report of 29th International Biology Olympiad news agency, at the head of the executive structure of the Olympiad are strategic committees and then the executive committee. In the executive committee, there are five working groups, including guides teams, media affairs, finance and support, education, information technology, cultural groups, events and international affairs and in the Olympiad Scientific Committee Also, there are four working groups of Molecular cell,   Bio-animal,   Bio-vegetarian and ecology and evolution.

The International Biology Olympiad will be held from 15th to 22th of July 2018 with the presence of about 500 students and scientific companions from 70 countries in Tehran.

The International Biology Olympiad will be held for the first time in Iran.   Previously, a series of international Olympiads in physics, Informatics and astronomy had been successfully held in Iran.